What Matters has one of the best courses on how to use OKRs effectively.


Objectives are inspirational and describe a meaningful change from where they are now. They don’t contain metrics. They are simple, concrete, and action-oriented.

Key Results

Key Results are specific, time-bound, aggressive, yet realistic. They are measurable and verifiable.

There are three ways how to write Key Results - as inputs, outputs, or outcomes. Inputs describe, what you will do (e.g. sent 100 emails), outputs describe, what you will produce (e.g. updated the website), and outputs describe what you will achieve (e.g. increased the number of members by 23%).

There are three types of Key Results - hold, increment, and leap. Hold means that we want to maintain the current direction (e.g., have more than 100 people in meetups). Increment means that we want to improve on the current direction (e.g. increase the number of companies in the assocaition by 50%). Leap means that we want to do something in a completely different way, risky, but with huge potential upside (e.g. organize an international data science conference in Lithuania).